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I’m here to help you level up your podcast so you can build a larger community of listeners…

+ make that money!

why hire a transcriptionist?

1. To help build and establish smart SEO

2. To get solid written content for your website/blog/show notes

3. To help expand your top of funnel

4. To help you make affiliate money

5. To help grow your audience

ADDED BONUS: To make your podcast more accessible to the d/Deaf, hard of hearing, and Audio Processing Disorder communities, because we should all care about that too!


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Hey friend – how are you? Glad you’re here


You’re probably wondering a couple things right about now: 

  • I tell stories for a living — whether that’s through podcast transcription or through acting.

  • My goal for my work is to help you maximize your search engine optimization, reach more people, and make more money!

  • I have experience transcribing for various reality TV shows – possibly the most entertaining work on the planet 

And hey, I get it, we haven’t even formally met yet.

By now you know I’m Megan, and I’m sure you can guess that I am a transcriptionist. But what does that mean to you, right?  

I did some digging into my “why” and I realized what I care about most is getting podcast hosts a transcript to go along with each of their episodes.

THAT is what fires me up – to see podcast hosts reaching a larger audience, knocking your SEO out of the park, and ultimately making more money — to maximize the potential of their work in the podcast world.

Of course I love helping podcast hosts make more money, but transcription also benefits marginalized groups such as culturally d/Deaf folx, those who are hard of hearing, and those with Auditory Processing Disorder. These groups of people rely on your accessible transcripts in order to be a part of your podcast community as well!

I could easily go onnnn and onnn about my ~*hopes*~ and ~*dreams*~ but I’d rather show you why I care about this + my road to get here