Turning your podcast episodes into transcripts, blog posts, and show notes. Together we can set a new standard for podcasting.

All episodes are transcribed and proof-read by an actual human being who cares, researches, and ensures your voice is reflected through the text. It is a goal of mine in business to give you peace of mind knowing that your transcripts are website-ready. 

Transcripts are a vital asset for you and a vital asset for your audience.



why hire a transcriptionist?

1.  To help build and establish smart SEO

2. To repurpose your episodes into written content for your website/blog/social media/show notes

3. To help expand your top of funnel

4. To cater your podcast to all types of learners

5. To help grow your audience authentically



Transcripts provide more accessibility to your podcast community, specifically for those who are d/Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or have Auditory Processing Disorder. My goal in business is to transform the way the podcasting industry works. Will you join me in making the digital world more accessible for all?

"My podcast has VERY low numbers, but if you Google my guests and their titles, my podcast shows up on the first page of search results. The SEO benefits are huge, and people are sleeping on it."

Liz Wiltsie
Sustainably Human at Work


I'm so glad you're here!

Hey, hi, hello! I'm Megan, CEO of Megan Transcribes, and it's my pleasure to share more about myself and the work that I do. Some of you may be wondering how the heck I got into the world of transcription in the first place. This is a question I get all of the time, and Iove it because my journey to get here was nothing short of an adventure. Find out more about my journey here!

  • I tell stories through a living, both through transcription and through acting

  • My goal with my work is to help you maximize on your podcast episodes, generate more leads, and make more money, all while holding an extra inclusive digital presence and space

  • I have 2+ years of experience transcribing for various unscripted reality TV shows (quite literally the most entertaining work on the planet), podcast hosts, and digital entrepreneurs.

Let me start off by suggesting something potentially controversial in the world of audio content: transcripts should be a podcast host's BFF. I'm serious. There is so much gold in each and every single one of your episodes. That mined gold can be repurposed for social media content, pull quotes for your blog, for your show notes, the list goes on and on and on. Not to mention, transcripts are an excellent way to cater to those members of your audience who don't have accessibility to listen to your episodes, those who physically cannot listen to your episodes, and those who have a tough time processing audio without text.

MY WHY: I care about helping you grow your audience and saving you time and energy by making repurposing your content so much easier for you.

I also give a sh*t about building a digital world that is both accessible and inclusive. I care about helping podcast hosts curate a community catered to all types of learners - not just audio learners.It really fires me up to see so many podcast hosts and online business owners putting more energy into ensuring their digital communities are all-encompassing. So many humans rely heavily on text content and visual content to understand or engage in content. Podcasts, by design, are an excellent example of a medium of entertainment that was only designed for one type of learner. What about the visual learner? What about the reading and writing learner? What about the kinesthetic learner?

I'm here to shake things up a it in this space and help podcast hosts create a well-rounded community.


xx Megan Transcribes