Born out of the pandemic, Megan Transcribes came into existence in 2020 - a year of change, innovation, and bringing my true passions to life.

As a Transcribe Anywhere Graduate, I have 2+ years of experience transcribing professionally. I've now worked with multiple female-forward podcasts, a handful of entrepreneurs, and an author transcribing anything from podcast episodes to Instagram live videos to interviews.


Fun fact about me: I'm also an actor in Los Angels. I spent years performing on stage, have a BFA in musical theatre, and I'm now pursuing film and TV. I produced my own short film in 2021 that pushes back on the toxic side of the beauty industry. I'm proud to have grown into a multi-passionate human being pursuing two equally important career paths - both of which are truly in favor of the betterment of humanity.

I've been telling stories for years - whether through acting, singing, writing my own short film, or trancribing podcasts. I believe in the importance of amplifying female (and underrepresented) voices which is where my love and passion for working with only those folks comes from. Note: if you are somebody who doesn't believe in BIPOC, LBGTQ+, and women's rights, I am not the transcriptionist for you.

As your podcast transcriptionist, I hand-type your episodes myself using a fancy software and foot pedal. Your transcripts will come out 99% accurate, full of voice, in the correct context, and, most importantly, typed with love.

More About Megan

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I'm all about:
Going above and beyond
LGBTQ+ and BIPOC rights
Uplifting marginalized voices
Sharing authentic stories

my mission is to help you help your audience