Hey, It's Your Girl, Megan




It's so nice to meet you! 

Who's Megan?? GREAT question!

I'm a Disney parody-writing, wine-loving, storytelling gal.

Now that we got the good stuff out of the way -- I'm a certified Transcribe Anywhere graduate, I've typed for reality TV, multiple podcast hosts + digital entrepreneurs, and I'm here to help you monetize your podcast!

Sure, automated transcription softwares like Google Dictation are free, but it they're not great. Other apps like Rev.com are cheap, but your transcripts will come back inconsistent.

As your podcast transcriptionist, I hand-type your episodes myself using my expensive transcription audio player and foot pedal. Since I have more tools than Google Dictation, I can give you the transcript of your podcast's dreams ~

Your files will be 99% accurate, in the correct context + most importantly, typed with love :) 

My goal is to help you make M O N E Y!