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Who I Work With + What I Support

At Megan Transcribes, I strive to share voices and stories of the underrepresented.


It is of the utmost importance to me, as a transcriptionist, to support those with marginalized voices. There's enough of the white, cis, male voice, amirite? I'm all about working alongside passionate, culture-changing Black, Brown, Indigenous, Female, Queer humans who are sharing their stories and amplifying their experiences in the world. My values lie within uplifting their voices, and I will always prioritize these humans in my business.

I work with

⭑ Women


⭑ LGBTQIA+ Community

⭑ Marginalized Voices

I believe in

⭑ Accessibility for all

⭑ Inclusivity

⭑ Curating audio content to all learners


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