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Resources created just for you.

I created these products for you because I recognize the time and effort it takes to figure this sh*t out. Basically, I did the work so you didn't have to. This is my favorite way to work - by giving back the knowledge I've gained to all of you lovely humans.

Together, we're stronger. I believe we can change the world collectively, together, side-by-side. Join me in making the online space a better, more inclusive space for all humans. 

Referral Program

Transcription is such a niche, that a lot of times new business from via referrals. If we are working together, our values already align, and I absolutely trust that whoever you send my way will fit right in with Megan Transcribes. If you know of podcast hosts seeking to be more accessible in the creation of their show, send them my way and get a reward! For each successful referral, you receive an incentive to thank you for bringing new clients my way. 

FOR YOU: 20% off 2 (up to) 60-minute episodes per referral



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